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Custom Plush Toy Manufacturer Custom Teddy Bear OEM ODM Soft Stuffed Animals Toys Custom Plush Toy

Custom Plush Toy Manufacturer Custom Teddy Bear OEM ODM Soft Stuffed Animals Toys Custom Plush Toy

Customization Procedures

Get A Quote

Contact us, and send three side views of the design (front, side, back),

 required dimensions, quantities, logo lables, packaging requirements, etc.

*You provide us with the details
*Upload artwork - even hand drawn
*Receive a completely custom quote
*No blind pricing

Order your Sample

We will provide customers with sample orders, 

so that you can test the quality of our products and services.

*Project manager work directly with you
*We create your custom project
*2 revisions / style
*Review prototype for approval

Production & Delivery

You approve a production sample of your custom plush toy and we ship!

*Submit your deposit
*Goods go into production
*Tested by 3rd party facility
*Shipped and delivered to you!

Custom type

No Minimums - Fast Turnaround - Competitive Pricing


Turn Your Mascot into a Stuffed Animal

Whether it's for a sports team, a school club, public or private organization, or a company, we can create a 100% custom-made plush based off your mascot.

  Brands & Logos  

Turn Your Design into a Plushie

Interested in creating custom stuffed animals of your brand? You've come to the right place! We've worked with hundreds of brands in over 60 countries.


Create Your Own Promotional Plush

Perfect to hand out at trade shows, events, parties, to your clients, 

and more! Leave a lasting impression with custom stuffed animals for your business.

   Events & Shows   

Create Your Own Events & Shows Plush

*Design your own stuffed animals to sell at your upcoming event, show or party!

*Create a show-stopping experience with your designs brought to life.

   Book Characters   

Turn Your Book Characters into a Plushie

*Bring your unique book characters to huggable life by turning them into plush dolls for you and your fans to cherish!

*Create a unique experience that will turn your customers into raving fans.

   Designs & Art   

Turn Your Art & Drawings into Plushies

*Ever dream of having your own art and designs turned into something special?

 We'll help you bring your art to life by turning your unique designs into stuffed animals.

*Give your drawings and art new meaning by turning them into custom plushies.

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