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Why Morejoyous

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As a professional plush toy manufacturer, Morejoyous Co., Ltd has been specializing in designing and manufacturing stuffed animals, plush dolls and other plush toys since 2012. We built a professional team to take care of every part of the business. EU and North America are our main markets.

OEM and ODM are both in our business line. From sample designing to mass production, we have professional employees and factories to handle each order. Over the years, we’ve assisted many buyers to develop fantastic products for retail and promotion. Our expertise can help customers bring ideas to markets, source efficiently and cost-effectively.

Most products we made are stuffed animals, they are the main design in the market. Cartoon characters and dolls also can be copied under authorization. Because of the difference between boutiques and promotional products, we use different manufacturing facilities to guarantee the quality of goods. All products, including fabrics, stuffings, threads and accessories, conform to safety regulations. So we are able to ensure you can get the safety certificate you need.

For more details and information, feel free to Contact us   Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing and making them.


Ethical Policy

We aim to build strong long-term relationships with partners from upstream and downstream. 

Morejoyous only cooperates with reputable subcontractors who conform to ethical working conditions and operating practices. 

And we prohibit purchasing materials and accessories from suppliers whose behavior are unethical.

Factories who are qualified as manufacturers of Morejoyous have to pass not an only capacity assessment but also social compliance audits. They must meet the relevant minimum standards. 

These standards contain:

. Health & Safety

. Minimum Wage Requirements

. Equal Opportunities

. Prohibition of Child Labour

. Employment Terms & Conditions

Environmental Policy

Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. Running a plush toy factory can impact the environment directly. Our actions have the potential to make a better world. At the same time, it also can help save our customers money. Moreover, it sets the stage for a more financially stable and responsible Morejoyous.

Below are the activities we do.

. Integrate environmental considerations, let them be an important factor of decisions we make.

. Promote environmental awareness among our workers. Furthermore, encourage them to work with environmental manners.

. Reduce waste by reusing and recycling. Only use recyclable materials and accessories.

. Improve the efficient utilization of materials and resources.

. Avoid using hazardous materials and accessories.

. Review our environmental policy from time to time.



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