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Tips for how to clean your plush toy stuffed animal

        Tips for how to clean your plush toy stuffed animal 

  • Method 1: Required materials: a bag of coarse salt (large salt) and a plastic bag
    Put the dirty plush toy into a plastic bag, put a proper amount of coarse salt, then tie the mouth and shake it hard. After a few minutes, the toy is clean, we are watching the salt has turned black.
    Remember:  It can also be used for plush toys, fur collars and cuffs of different lengths; it can also be used for the seat cushion of the car (pour the salt on the mat to force it).
    Principle: The use of salt, that is, sodium chloride, on the adsorption of dirt, because of the strong disinfection effect of salt, not only cleans the toy but also effectively kills bacteria and viruses. It can be said that small things like plush collars and plush cushions in the car can also be “cleaned” in this way.

  • Method 2: Required materials: water, silky detergent, soft brush (or other tools can be used instead)
    Put water and silky detergent in the basin, stir the water in the basin with a normal soft brush or other tools to stir the rich foam, then use a soft brush to stain the surface of the plush toy with foam. Be careful not to get too much moisture on the brush. After brushing the surface of the plush toy, wrap the plush toy in a bath towel and put it in a basin filled with water.
    This will remove dust and washing liquid from the stuffed toy. The toy is then soaked in a water bath filled with softener for a few minutes, and then washed several times in a basin filled with water until the water in the basin becomes clear from the turbidity. The cleaned plush toys are still wrapped in bath towels, gently dehydrated in a washing machine, and the dehydrated plush toys are shaped and combed and placed in a ventilated place to dry.
    Pay attention to dry in a ventilated place when drying, it is best not to expose to the sun, nor too dry, not to the sun cannot be sterilized; exposure is easy to change color.

  • Method 3: Suitable for larger plush toys
    Buy a packet of soda powder, put soda powder and dirty plush toys into a large plastic bag, shake the bag tightly and slowly, and slowly find the plush toy clean. Finally, the soda powder becomes grayish black due to the adsorption of dust, and the soda powder can be removed. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and velvet plush toys.

  • Method 4: Suitable for soft toys such as electronics and sound
    In order to prevent the wear of the small accessories on the plush toy, the parts of the plush toy are taped, put into the laundry bag, and then washed in a washing manner. After drying, hang in a cool place to dry. When drying, you can pat the plush toy to make the fur and stuffing fluffy and soft, so that the shape of the plush toy will be restored to its original shape.
    We usually put a proper amount of detergent in the water to wash it. At the same time of washing, you can also add the appropriate amount of washing powder or laundry detergent for disinfection to achieve antibacterial and anti-mite functions.


In addition to the above methods, you can also learn from other methods, such as:

  • [hand wash]
    Prepare the washbasin with water, pour in the cleaning agent and stir until completely dissolved. Put the fluffy toy into the hand and squeeze it into the cleaning agent. Then pour off the sewage and rinse the bear with clean water. Wrap the fluff with a clean dry cloth. It takes a few minutes for the toy to absorb a portion of the water, then dries it, or let it be used as daylight.

  • [washing]
    Before putting it directly into the washing machine, you need to put the fluffy toy into the laundry bag. You can use the cleaning procedure according to the general cleaning procedure. It is better to use the cold washing essence than the washing powder, and it does not hurt the wool. If you use the general double effect A shampoo is also good. After washing, wrap it with a dry towel and then dehydrate it to avoid hurting the surface.

  • [wipe]
    Use a soft sponge or a clean, dry cloth, wipe the surface with a diluted neutral detergent, and then wipe it with water.

  • [dry cleaning]
    You can directly send dry cleaners to dry cleaning, or to the cashmere doll store, buy a special cleaning agent to clean the fluffy dolls to go home to clean, first spray the dry cleaning agent on the surface of the fluffy toy, wait two or three minutes and then wipe with a dry cloth.

  • [Sun method]
    Sun exposure is the simplest and most labor-saving method of cleaning plush toys. Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill some invisible bacteria and ensure the basic hygiene of the plush toys. However, it should be noted that this method is only suitable for the lighter color of the plush, because the fabric and material are different, and some may be easily faded. When it is exposed to the sun, it should be placed outdoors. If the sunlight is irradiated through the glass, it will not function as any sterilization. It is very good to take the plush toys out to the outside.

  • [Disinfection method]
    The longer the plush toy, the more bacteria there are on the surface and inside, and the cleaning effect can’t be achieved by simply washing with water. At this point, it is necessary to put a proper amount of detergent in the water for disinfection. At the same time as washing, we can add appropriate amount of washing powder or laundry detergent for disinfection to achieve antibacterial and anti-mite functions.
    During the drying process after disinfection and washing, it is necessary to intermittently beat the plush toy to make the surface and the filling fluffy and soft, and restore the shape before washing.



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