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Toys Safety

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We design and make toys for babies, adults and pets of all ages. 

Morejoyous is responsible for the quality and safety of products.

All materials we use are eco-friendly. They are physical and chemical safe. 

We accept testing goods in any labs which are designated by customers.

Even though have never experienced a serious product or safety issue, we still have plans to protect our customers.

1. Returns & Replacements: offer a credit or refund, or replace directly to the customer.

2. Product Recall Plan: take immediate steps together with the appropriate agencies to apply our products recall plan.

3. Product Liability Insurance: everything we make is covered by our product liability insurance.

EU Regulation   

 UK CoC英国认证机构报告/   French CoC 法国认证机构报告 (CoC is only applicable to EN71-1, 2, 3; EN62115)

 EN 71 Part 1 - Mechanical and Physical Properties物理机械性能     EN 15649 (inflatable aquatic ride-on toys larger than 1,2 m)

 EN 71 Part 2 - Flammability燃烧测试

 EN 71 Part 3 - Migration of Certain Elements  19种重金属元素迁移测试

 EN 71 Part 8 - Activity Toys for Domestic Use 家庭使用的运动类玩具

 EN 71 Part 9 - Organic Chemical compounds(Not mandatory)有机化合物测试(非强制)

 EN 71 Part 7 - Finger paints 指画颜料

 EN 71-12 -Migration Nitrosamines and Nitrosatable Substances 亚硝胺和亚硝基物质

 EN62115 - Safety of Electric Toys电动玩具安全性   

 IEC60825-1 for toy incorporating LED and Laser玩具使用的LED及激光的发光测试    

 Physical Risk Assessment物理风险评估    Chemical Risk Assessment 化学风险评估

 Migration BPA 迁移BPA

 TCEP(CAS 115-96-8) & TCPP(CAS 13674-84-5) & TDCPP(CAS 13674-87-8)阻燃剂( TCEP,TCPP,TDCPP)

 EMC 电磁兼容要求  

 RED无线电设备指令   Notify Body Opinion

 RoHS 2.0电子电器设备有害物质限用指令   XRF Scanning  Chemical Digestion

 Water based liquid- Microbial Contamination (NoBo Protocol 2014)水基类材料的微生物污染测试

 Efficacy of Antimicrobial Preservation  EP 5.1.3 - 5.0       BP Appendix XVI C)防腐抗菌效用

 Toxics in Packaging Materials 包装材料重金属元素测试 

 Battery Directive (Mercury, Cadmium, Lead Contents) 电池铅汞含量   Dimensional Check of Marking 标识检查

 EN 50419 - Marking of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) 电子电器回收标识

 EN 50419 - Marking of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) 电子电器回收标识

 Directive (EU) 2017/774 Phenol 苯酚

 Directive (EU) 2015/2116 BIT 1,2-苯并异噻唑-3-

 Directive (EU) 2015/2117 CMI:MI (3:1), CMI, MI CMIMI 3:1的混合物甲基异噻唑啉酮(CMI), 异噻唑啉酮(MI)

 Directive (EU) 2015/2115 Formamide 甲酰胺

 Directive (EU) 2019/1929 Formaldehyde 甲醛

 Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) 

REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and other regulations

 Phthalates 邻苯二甲酸盐     

 Cadmium  总镉含量

 Azo Dye 偶氮染料 


 Nickel Release 镍释放量 

 Lead in Jewelry首饰铅含量             Lead in Childrens non-toy Product & General use product儿童非玩具产品和普通消费品铅含量 

 REACH - 8 PAHs  REACH 8项多环芳香烃       

 AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK 15 PAHs GS Mark & Non-GS Mark) 德国PAHs                                  AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK 15 PAHs+3 PAHs (Non-GS Mark) 德国PAHs

 DMFu ( Dimethyl Fumarate) 富马酸二甲酯

 SVHC  高关注物质含量      SVHC Phthalate高关注物质中的邻苯二甲酸盐

 SCCPs 短链氯化石蜡

USA Regulation-Toy

 ASTM F963 Mechanical and Physicals物理机械性能

 Reprocessed Materials used 再生材料,

 ASTM F963 Solid Flammability固体燃烧测试 

 ASTM F963 textile flammability 纺织产品燃烧测试

 ASTM F963 Heavy Elements重金属元素测试 

 ASTM F96Non Ride-on Battery-Operated Toys 非乘骑类电池驱动玩具

 ASTM F96Battery-Operated Ride-on Toys 电池驱动乘骑玩具

 ASTM F963 Clause 4.4 Electrical/Thermal Energy(Toys operating from nominal 120-V)-Refer 16 CFR 1505 额定电压120V玩具参考16 CFR 1505

 ASTM F96Stuffing Materials填充材料测试

US-Children product (Non-Toy)

 CPSC - Mechanical and Physical Properties物理机械性能

 CPSC  Solid Flammability固体燃烧测试 

 CPSC- Textile flammability纺织物燃烧测试

US-Other requirement for Toys & children product

 CPSIA Section 101 - Lead in surface coating 涂层铅含量     

 CPSIA Section 101 - Lead in Substrate 基材铅含量   

 CPSIA Section 108 - Phthalate Content (toy and childcare article )邻苯二甲酸盐(玩具和儿童护理产品)

 CPSIA Section 103-Tracking Labeling Review 可追溯标签评估

 CPSIA Section 102 Children Product Certification(CPC)儿童产品证书(CPC)

16 CFR 1505 Electrically Operated Toys or Other Electrically Operated Articles for Use by Children)(nominal 120vdt (110-125v) 电动玩具或电动儿童产品(电压110-125V)

 California Proposition 65 加州65,  Court Case No.      

 California Proposition 65 Evaluation Screening 加州65化学清单全扫描测试

  FCC Certification (FCC ID)   

  FCC Verification    FCC Doc   SDoC (Combine FCC verification and FCC DOC and mandatory effective date is 2018.11.02)

 USP 61+62 - Microbial contamination微生物污染测试 

 USP 51 - Efficacy of Antimicrobial Preservation 抗菌效力测试

 16 CFR1500.231 - Hazardous Liquid Chemicals in Children's Products儿童产品中有害液体化学物质检测

 TPCH - Toxics in Packaging Materials 包装材料重金属元素测试

 US Battery Law 104-142 - Mercury Content电池汞含量测试    Alkaline Manganese Button Cell 碱锰纽扣电池

Canada Toys Regulation (SOR/2011-17) of CCPSA

 SOR/2011-17 Physical and Mechanical物理机械性能

 SOR/2011-17 Flammability for Stuffed Toys, Plastic Toys etc填充玩具、塑胶玩具等燃烧测试  

 SOR/2011-17 Flammability for Doll's Clothing/Textile Material 玩偶服装/纺织材料燃烧测试

 SOR/2011-17 section 20 heated surface, parts and substances热表面,部件和物质

 SOR/2011-17 Section 23 Heavy Metal in Surface Coating (Total Lead, Mercury & 5 toxic elements)表面涂层重金属含量

 SOR/2011-17 Section 27 Substances in plastic material for toys under 3 years 



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